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VirtualHRO.in is conceptualized to revolutionize the way in which HR Departments in most organizations operate, which is not only in-effective but also has a high cost factor associated with it which makes it a major concern for most startups & SME's.
Why We Started?

VirtualHRO.in introduces the revolutionary concept of Outsourced HR Department that is customized to deliver results as per your organization's requirements and size.

We provide our Cloud Based HRIMS system alongwith dedicated Virtual HRO Professionals who work offsite to manage your entire HR Department from Payroll to Attendance, from HR Letters to Policies, from Employee Appraisals to Engagement and much more.

  • HR Expertise

    Deep understanding of the rules & regulations applicable to various companies

  • Business Acumen

    Our experience and exposure helps ensure that your organization saves money

  • Dependency

    Depend upon us to provide you excellent quality services

  • Compliant Ways of Working

    We ensure that as your company grows, your processes remain compliant to the Rules


Virtual HRO offers complete HR Department Outsourcing for Startups, SMEs & Large size organizations through its Cloud Based HRIMS System and offsite HR Professionals who work as your very own HR Department.

Our focus

Virtual HRO outsources all the tasks associated with the Human Resource Department for your organization through a highly powerful Cloud based HRIMS system. This allows organizations to be able to have a scalable and process oriented system that is comparable to any large MNC organization and also allows you to focus on your core business while we take care of all the HR work for you.
HR Administration

We ensure that day-to-day HR Administration is streamlined and managed by our Virtual HRO Professional through our HRIMS software

Payroll Management

Virtual HRO takes care of managing the entire Payroll for your organization on a monthly basis through our Cloud based HRIMS.

Statutory Compliance

We help you manage your Statutory Compliances including but not limited to PF, ESIC, PT, LWF, Bonuses, Leave Encashment, etc.

HR Policy & HR Documents

We help you create & implement HR Policies & HR Documents customized to meet the needs of your organization ensuring proper structure & processes.

Employee Files & Database

We Create & maintain Employee files & database in the HRIMS system so that you have all the information at your fingertips.

Attendance Management

Virtual HRO Professional helps streamline your attendance capturing and management process to ensure that there are no loopholes in the same. Our HRIMS system can also be integrated with numerous attendance recording bio-metric devices.

Salary Structuring

We help your re-structure the salaries of your employees within the framework of applicable labour laws, ensuring minimum impact to the company and maximum benefits to the employees.

Employee Appraisal

Virtual HRO Professionals will guide you through every step of Appraisals for your organization so that you make the right moves when it comes to providing appraisals to your employees.

Employee Helpdesk

Through our HRIMS system, your organization receives the benefits of a standardized Employee Helpdesk where they can log in tickets for any issues related to HR, Accounts, Finance, IT, or any other dept. in your organization. This allows for centralized tracking of all issues throughout the org.

Org. Structure

We create the Organizational Structure for your company that helps guide you through your Growth Stages. This not only helps you identify the chain of command but also gives a clarity to your employees about their possible career growth.

On-Boarding & Induction

Our Virtual HRO professional will manage the on-boarding process for your new employees through the HRIMS and will get their basic tasks completed when they join your organization.

Employee Engagement

We help the organization to put in-place numerous cost effective employee engagement activities to create a healthy and positive work atmosphere with a motivated and energized employee workforce.

Dedicated HR Advice

With Virtual HRO, you always have that trusted advisory by your side whom you could turn to for any and all HR related advises. With a strong team of in-house experts in matters of HR, Legal, Compliance,

And Many More

There are other areas of HR where we can help you. Please contact us for more information at
M: 09321 033 908 or
09967 033 908.


Guaranteed Quality
Guaranteed Quality
Our cutting edge Cloud based HRIMS Technology with our highly trained and expert HR Professionals, Virtual HRO ensures that we deliver High Quality Services all the time to all our clients.
High Performance
High Performance
Use of a proper mix of Technology, knowledge and service, Virtual HRO ensures High performance delivery to your organization in regards to all your HR needs.
Productivity Increase
Productivity Increase
By streamlining your policies, procedures and HR practices as well as the Payroll and attendance, your employees can concentrate on their Core Tasks and you will experience amazing amount of productivity increase.
Hassle Free
Hassle Free
Be worry free and see your Company grow by having the right Human Resources Partner, VIRTUAL HRO by your side. You can focus on the core activities while we manage your HR.
Less Monitoring
Less Monitoring
With our Virtual HRO professional managing most of your HR activities the need for investment of your time and efforts is drastically reduced. This way you can focus on building and growing your business while we take care of all HR work.
High Savings
High Savings
We Save you Money on Payroll, Attendance, Compliance, & other areas of Human Resources by implementing right and compliant ways of doing things.
Flexible Pricing
Flexible Pricing
With Virtual HRO your Company can save up to 75% in Fixed & Overhead costs. Virtual HRO allows flexibility in choosing the right plan for your company depending on size & requirements.
Expert Back-end  Support
Expert Back-end Support
We have dedicated Subject Matter Experts & Backend resources that handle a lot of your HR activities behind the scenes so that you do not need to be worried about the same.

Our Team

Meet the Team Behind VirtualHRO.in
Abhijit Divekar
Abhijit Divekar
Founder & Partner
Abhijit Divekar, a Partner at TMS – an HR Consulting Firm, is the Founder of VirtualRecruiter.in . Apart from his strong business acumen, Abhijit is an avid social bug who likes to meet and interact with lot of people and businesses.
Makarand Gaikwad
Makarand Gaikwad
Makarand is a multi-talented extremely focused person hailing from hospitality sector and having experience in UK, Singapore & India. His commitment to Client Servicing is what keeps our clients coming back.
Vishakha Bhosale
Vishakha Bhosale
Vishakha comes with a background in IT and is an integral part of the team. She drives the daily operations as well as manages a lot of clients, all this while ensuring that the deliverables are always on time keeping our clients happy.
Pooja Dighole
Pooja Dighole
Asst. Manager
Pooja is another gem of the Team. She has her unique leadership style that is unparalleled by anyone else in the team. She definitely gets the best out of Everyone makes sure that they have loads of fun while doing there jobs.

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