About Us

For the past 9 years, Team Management Services (TMS) has been known for its valuable services in the HR domain and we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with several National, Multinational as well as Start-up firms from across the globe such as yours. With the vision to provide our clients with a completely Outsourced HR Department service, we introduced VIRTUAL HRO – Your Outsourced HR Partner.  

Virtual HRO introduces the revolutionary concept of Outsourced HR Department that is customized to deliver results as per your organization's requirements and size. We provide our Cloud Based HRIMS system alongwith dedicated Virtual HRO Professionals who work offsite to manage your entire HR Department from Payroll to Attendance, from HR Letters to Policies, from Employee Appraisals to Engagement and much more.

The Combination of HR technology with the Expert services  rendered by trained & experienced HR professionals that we provide in Virtual HRO, helps organizations streamline there HR processes. This also allows your organization to scale effectively to any size of employee strength without having to hire supporting HR people has we take care of the same. Virtual HRO becomes your reliable HR partner whom you could turn to for advice, support & strategy when it comes to any Human Resource needs for your organization. 

Since Virtual HRO employees are offsite at our own offices and all activities are managed through Cloud based HRIMS systems remotely, the need for space in your office is reduced which allows for reduction in costs. This also allows for faster processing of your requests and helps us provide your employees and your organization with quality services.

Please feel to connect with us to know more.