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Induction & on boarding

An on boarding and induction program is one of the most important development programs an employer can provide to their employees.
The orientation phase has a great influence on a new employee’s impression of and attitude towards their new employer.

Purpose of Induction
It is process of bringing/Introducing/Familiarizing a New Recruit into the Organisation. This program familiarizes the new employee about the culture, accepted practices and performance standards of the organisation.

Advantages of using induction program
• Good way to make an employee fit into the organisation.
• Provides an introduction to the working environment and the setup of the employee within the organisation.
• Effective staff induction can boost retention rates and productivity levels among new recruits.
• It can reduce the amount of time it takes for new employees to adjust in an organisation and to reach full working capacity.
• If the induction program is effective, it can lead to cost savings.
• An effective induction program can reduce stress and anxiety associated with a new job and assist in fostering commitment to the company.
• It helps to ensure new employees have adequate direction and support and can provide feedback so that employee dissatisfaction can be addressed early on.

How to use the Induction program effectively?

Induction programs fluctuate within organisations as they vary in length, flexibility, scope and delivery.
1. Human element: Having face to face delivery methods provides a better connection and sense of belonging.
2. A clear, flexible approach: Having a tailored induction program that meets the needs of particular groups or individuals can be effective in meeting all employee needs.
3. Should cover basic information: The program should cover basic information such as orientation in the building, where the new person fits into the organisation, health and safety information and employment terms and conditions.
4. Connecting induction to future learning: To engage employee’s with the organisation, an effective induction program will include links to the inductee’s personal development plan and career development plan.
5. Continuous review and evaluation of the induction process and building an organisation that values striving for continued improvement.

The activities within an induction program

 Content Activities

• Welcome and introduction to the organisation, including the history, culture, mission and expectations of work standards.
• Role clarification, how employee contributes to the company goals.
• Health and safety policies.
• IT policy.
• Meeting with new employees regarding job performance.
• Lunch with managers and co-workers.

 Purpose/ Outcomes of content activities

• Makes new employee feel at ease and comfortable with the organisation.
• Company identification.
• Provides clarity to job role and expected performance.
• Fosters social connections with other employees
• Increased engagement and retention of staff.

 Support activities

• Provide support contact details and necessary paperwork.
• Appoint buddy or mentor.
• Have induction social activities, games that involve the new employee with the values and culture of the organisation.

 Purpose/ Outcomes of support activities

• Company identification.
• Increased engagement and retention of staff.
 Follow-up activities

• Follow-up meetings (i.e. on performance goals, personal and career management.
• Track integration process and how new employee is settling in.
• Evaluation and continual monitoring of the induction process.

 Purpose/ Outcomes of follow-up activities

• Clarity of performance goals and setting further objectives.
• Engagement and increasing motivation of employee who can see the progression of their role within the organisation.

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