How Employee Attendance Management System can be Used Efficiently

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How Employee Attendance Management System Used Efficiently

Employee’s attendance has a major impact on any organization’s productivity. In small organization is easy to manage attendance record of each and every staff members but in large organizations, it becomes complex job to keep the manual record of each every staff member. Employee attendance management system is the most effective and best way to keep the attendance records of all the employees. In any organization, managing your manpower in professional, effectual and consistent manner is significant in order to enhance your business revenue and productivity.

What does the law say about attendance management?

There is no law covering attendance management. However, recording and reporting accidents and ill health at work is a legal requirement under The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR).

As well as the moral duty of employers to protect employees and members of the public, General Health and Safety Legislation cover all employers and workplaces. Managers should review their health and safety arrangements whenever an employee is absent due to a work-related condition.

Employee attendance problems drag down the profits.

Employee attendance problems are on the rise. Poor employee attendance is costing companies millions of dollars every year and the rate has been growing for over ten years. Dealing with and increasing absenteeism requires companies, and specifically, HR management, to understand the causes, and there are many. Appreciating the cost of poor employee attendance in relation to the cost of reducing it is necessary when determining how to maintain a working culture that actually encourages employee attendance.

When lack of employee attendance is down, it costs companies a lot

Understanding absenteeism takes a little more than a superficial look at the problem. Research and survey estimates range between one-third and two-thirds of all lost work days claimed for illness are not genuine.

What are the reasons?

Casual absences are caused by a number of reasons, but chief among them are low morale and job boredom. Many employers helped to foster a culture of needed voluntary overtime but the abuse of that grew to the point where people simply had to leave work to take care of their own lives. After working ten or twelve hours, these people were often made to feel guilty for leaving before the work was done. The resulting abuse of personal time has not been healthy over the long term, as the abuse created a sense of the workplace being in constant crisis. The strain of that has contributed to low morale, general fatigue, and hence, absences.

Benefits of Outsourcing Attendance Management.

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Controlling Absence or prevent employee absenteeism

• A good work-life balance is an essential ingredient to preventing absenteeism. If a company’s management abuses an employee’s time, that will ultimately result in employees abusing employer’s time. Unquestionably, that contributes to the lack of respect for work time and employee attendance abuses.
• A poor relationship with a supervisor is the foremost reason people leave jobs and is also a big contributor to absenteeism. Management should spend more time working on those relationships and expect improvement. Employees almost always will enjoy team activities that include giving back to the community as a group, and recreational activities where employees can share fun and memories.
• Heavy and difficult work schedules greatly contribute to absenteeism. Break up the schedule in different ways. Pay more attention to the work-life balance, and intervene in areas to reduce boredom and the strain of boring activities.
• Pay attention to having a healthy workforce. Introduce exercise for memberships, fresh fruit in the office and weight loss contests at work are all examples that are known to have a great payback for the company–especially in regaining lost work time due to absence reduction.
• Finally, concentrate on building a culture at the company that makes employees want to come to work. More importantly, make it so employees do not ever want to miss a day. Good social interaction, freedom and time to converse and become friends coupled with reasonable work break times are all important elements.

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