HR Policies

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HR Policies and HR Documents

Human resource policies are formal rules and procedures that dictate how certain matters should be addressed in the workplace, including employee rights and duties. HR policies are tied to employment law. To avoid non-compliance and penalties from the government, employers must adhere to HR policies. Employees must play their part by complying with the human resource policies that relate to them.

Each human resource policy addresses a specific workplace issue and is incorporated into the company’s policy manual. HR policies are designed to promote communication and understanding between managers and their subordinates, and to give employees an overview of the company’s programs

They give employees access to valuable resources that help foster their professional growth. Without HR policies, a chaotic work environment could result because there are no set rules to follow.

Employers should develop comprehensive policies from the start instead of waiting until issues arise to establish them. For a positive work environment and to avoid disciplinary action from their employers, employees should comply with HR policies.


An HR policy addresses recruitment and selection processes.

This includes interviewing, hiring, performance evaluations, employing family members, reference and background checks, immigration, physical and medical examinations, rehires and new-hire orientation. Additional policies pertain to employee classification such as identifying and paying employees according to their exempt or non-exempt status, personnel files, layoffs and terminations, discrimination, work schedules, compensation, employee conduct and disciplinary measures. Matters relating to health and safety, business expense reimbursement, employee benefits such as health and retirement plans, and paid and unpaid


• Equal Employment Opportunity policies
• Employee classifications
• Workdays, paydays, and pay advances
• Overtime compensation
• Meal periods and break periods
• Payroll deductions
• Vacation policies
• Holidays
• Sick days and personal leave (for bereavement, jury duty, voting, etc.)
• Performance evaluations and salary increases
• Performance improvement
• Termination policies

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