Recruitment Process Outsourcing: The next big thing

There are many reasons that you might decide human resource outsourcing is worth your time. Whether you’re noticing that your HR employees have to work ten hour days to stay ahead or if you’re experiencing a drop in productivity that you think human resource outsourcing could help, then it yes human resources outsourcing firms help businesses minimize risk. Employment and labour laws change regularly, and it can be difficult for employers to remain up-to-date on regulations that affect the workplace.

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What is Recruitment in Human Resource?

Recruitment is the process of identifying, screening and hiring the most suitable candidate for a job vacancy.

Purpose and importance of recruitment

 The purpose of recruitment is to:
• Attract the maximum number of candidates to the organization and encourage them to apply
• Create strong database and select the best candidate for the position
• Ascertain the current and future manpower requirements of the organization
• Make the hiring exercise a cost effective one

 Importance of recruitment is:

• To identify the potential candidates within the organization for future man power requirements
• To identify the outside candidates and hire them to meet the man power requirements
• To establish various sources of candidates
• To help in increasing the success of hiring process

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process outsourcing has gained strategic importance in the workforce management process.
The recruitment process tries to get the best manpower for the organization. It can be considered as the first strategic step towards the success of an organization.

 The process consists of following major steps:

• Identifying the vacancy
• Preparing the job specifications and description of the potential candidate
• Advertising the requirement
• Receiving and managing the applications
• Short listing the candidates
• Arranging the interviews
• Conducting the interviews and deciding on the candidate

Stages for Recruitment in Human Resources

There are several important stages that most organisation use when recruiting employees. The recruitment stages include:
• Job Analysis: The human resource representative needs to review and analyse what they need the new employee to do in the open position. From that analysis, the representative needs to build a job description, set minimum qualification and define salary range.

• Advertise the open position: the search begins for applicants through networking, advertising, or other search method in order to find applicants who match the job requirements.

• Screening applicants: Screening involves testing skills and / or personalities. It also includes the assessment of the applicant’s motivation and their fit with organisational requirements through the interview process.

• Finalising the Job Offer: The applicant is offered a job, which includes a compensation package. Once the candidate has accepted the offer the organisation helps with the introduction of the new employee.

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