There are many reasons that you might decide human resource outsourcing is worth your time. Whether you’re noticing that your HR employees have to work ten hour days to stay ahead or if you’re experiencing a drop in productivity that you think human resource outsourcing could help, then it’s yes human resources outsourcing firms help businesses minimize risk.

Here, I would like to introduce VIRTUAL HRO – Your Onsite HR Partner. Virtual HRO offers human resource outsourcing for any business of any size and can give your company real advantages that actually impact your bottom line. Our aim is to ensure your HR runs smoothly, so you can focus on driving other aspects of your company.


SME’s or Start-up firm owners know that payroll management is time- consuming, often eating up time they don’t have to spare. Imagine the time you would have to address other areas of your business if you knew your payroll responsibilities were in good hands. Even the most meticulous and experienced professionals find that payroll can be a headache.

While the majority of U.S. businesses process paychecks internally, this is not always cost-effective. At minimum, internal payroll processing requires the purchase of a computer or manual accounting program and extensive training to use it. In addition, businesses need to keep up to date on changes in personnel, deadlines, and tax requirements on an on-going basis.

Payroll goes to the heart of the relationship between companies and their employees. Get it right, and employees will be happy. But pay them late or the wrong amount and you risk ending up with a dissatisfied, disengaged workforce.

The last thing any small business owner wants is payroll mistakes that lead to issues with employees or with the government. It’s OK that you’re not a payroll expert, as long as you’re working with someone who is. Virtual HRO representative can provide the peace of mind of knowing your payroll is being handled in a timely and accurate fashion.

• Time Savings? Productivity
• Reduce costs
• Avoids Mistakes
• Team of Experts
• Enhanced Security
• Worry/Peace of Mind

Virtual HRO has made outsourcing beneficial to their clients for over a decade; acting as the payroll specialists we are offering a steady hand in this area for businesses that need it most. Virtual HRO experienced representatives have gained the trust and respect of their clients through a well-earned expertise and a commitment to personalized service, allowing you that free time to apply to other areas of your business.

Virtual HRO handles the entire payroll process for the employees of your organization is managed by us in a professional manner, to reduce the burden of the same from other departments. Virtual HRO provides consolidated reports for payroll and you will get better visibility into payroll expenses with accurate and flexible accounting of payroll expenses.

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We undertake 13+ MAJOR HR ACTIVITIES such as HR Administration, Payroll Management, Statutory Compliance (PF, ESIC, and PT), HR Policy & HR Documentation & many more.

By availing VIRTUAL HRO Services of TMS, our clients have enjoyed up to 40% increase in Profits due to increased productivity, up to 25% savings on Salary Costs due to proper Payroll & Attendance management, up to 90% savings on Labour & Compliance Matters and an overall 100% Peace of Mind with our complete services.

For more details you can email us on sales@virtualhro.in or can call 7039 022 493 | 7039 022 430 | 7039 022 670 or visit website www.virtualhro.in or www.tmservices.co.in